We are committed to the education of the whole child,
concerning ourselves equally with ethical and intellectual development.








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NLS Health & Safety Update July 31, 2020

Dear Nantucket Lighthouse Friends and Families,   I am very excited to say that we are planning on opening on September 8, 2020 in person. Our in-person model is the only model and we are...
By NLS | July 31, 2020 | News

NLS Health & Safety Update July 24, 2020

Dear Nantucket Lighthouse School Families and Friends,   We are grateful for the responses to our short survey last week. If you have not...
By NLS | July 24, 2020 | News
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“We chose the Lighthouse School because the school’s philosophy aligns with our family’s values. From day one, the administration and teachers welcomed our children and met them “where they were at”. Connecting with our children at their level was clearly a priority. Our children were offered kind and thoughtful guidance when they struggled. When they excel, options and resources are offered that foster their growth. The school has instilled a solid foundation of self-worth,  respect for others, and the responsibility of being part of a nurturing community. We feel so privileged this education is available to us.”

John and Anne Kuszpa

NLS Parents of a Rising 5th Grader & NLS Graduate

“After a long discussion about the financial strain it would put on our family, we decided that the well-being of our child was most important and that we would somehow find the money to send her to a different school. We set up a visit at NLS for the following week.  

When we picked Lily up at the end of the day, she didn’t run into our arms crying for the first time in months. She had a smile across her face that went from ear to ear! She could not wait to tell us about her day and how much she wanted to return the next.  

When Lily started 3rd grade the following fall at NLS, the change was evident from day 1. Her imagination, confidence and enthusiasm for learning began to return. It was no longer a fight to get her to go to school. We could see that she felt respected and heard by her teacher and classmates and that her soul was beginning to heal. We credit NLS for giving us our daughter back. We are forever grateful for the amazing work and mission of the school.”  

Elliot and Sarah Sylvia

NLS Parents of a Rising 4th Grader

“The project-based approach combined with an emphasis on social-emotional learning has been the most thoughtful learning experience for our daughter. It has allowed her to develop a joy for learning that goes beyond the classroom while also giving her the opportunity to learn about herself and others.”

Barbara & Kyle Zachary

NLS Parents


“Being at Nantucket Lighthouse School is like having a really big family.”

David Foley

Alumni Student

“Since NLS’s founding in 2000, caring, committed educators, supported by dedicated volunteers and generous donors, havebeen ableto build a special school that today rests on a strong foundation, thanks to their collective, and unwavering, vision. Nantucket LighthouseSchool is truly the little school that could. And will.”

D. Anne and Rick Atherton

NLS Grandparents and former Board Chair

“Enrolling our daughters at Nantucket Lighthouse School was one of our best parenting decisions.”

Bob and Meg Ruley

Parents of Madeleine and Charlotte

“We are so grateful to the Nantucket Lighthouse School for keeping under and joy at the center of childhood for all three of our children.”

Sarah Holton-Roth and Mark Lucas

Parents of Colby, Sammy and Aleah

“The Nantucket Lighthouse School had a profound impact on the way we parented and how our daughter was given the tools to fully approach her future with curiosity, confidence and an undying eagerness to learn.”

Cary Hazlegrove and Andy Bullington

Parents of NLS Alum Virginia Bullington

Nantucket Lighthouse School was the BEST learning environment for me. When I graduated and went to my new school, I realized I was equal to or farther ahead of other students there. The classes at Nantucket Lighthouse School were always engaging. The teachers utilized activities that kids liked to do, which helped us learn what we had to. NLS fostered a very comfortable environment for kids. I never felt shy about speaking up and asking questions; at other places I often felt I would be made fun of or worried about sounding dumb. The Lighthouse School is so great. I wish I could be a student there again!

Ruby Fee

Alumni Student