Board of Trustees


Maryann Hedaa, Chair

Maryann Hedaa has had a long career in Independent, Public and Charter School education.

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Charity Grace Mofsen, Co-Vice Chair

Originally from North Carolina, Charity Grace Mofsen visited Nantucket and became lovestruck, not just from the serene natural beauty but more importantly, from the people who resided here.

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Rachael Freeman Slosek, Co-Vice Chair

Rachael's family is originally from Nantucket and she has spent time on the island throughout her life.

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Kim Huffman Cary

A passion for equity in education and her summer home has made Kim an energized trustee on the board of the Nantucket Lighthouse School, joining the board in June 2021.

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Jillian Fraker, Faculty Representative

Jillian was born and raised on Nantucket and returned to the island after finishing her master's degree in creative writing at The New School in New York City.

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Lizbet Carroll Fuller, Trustee Emerita

In Lighthouse, Lizbet and co-founder Elizabeth Sundell sought to honor the magic of childhood while creatively introducing the tools to construct meaningful lives.

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Sharon Hartley

After a rewarding career in Global Branding and Childrens' products, Sharon is living her retirement dream as a Nantucket resident.

Bill Kupper

With over 39 years of publishing, communication and advertising accomplishments, William Kupper, Jr. has strived to successfully meet the challenges of an ever changing media marketplace both domestically and internationally.


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Kathryn Lieb

Kathy Lieb, from Valley Forge, PA, a former editor, has always had a passion for education and has volunteered with her local schools in many capacities.


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Amanda O'Brien

Amanda has been a lifelong summer resident of Nantucket and a reading teacher in the Boston area for the past decade. She joined the Board of the Nantucket Lighthouse School in October 2021 blending her love for the island with her passion for education.


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Candice Tétrault

Candice was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and loved spending summers on Nantucket with her family. In 2002, after a career in TV production in Montreal, she made Nantucket her home.

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Quinn Veysey

Quinn and his family moved to Nantucket full-time in 2020 and his three daughters, Ford, Addison, and Sawyer all enrolled at NLS.

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Board of Advisors

Susan O’Brien, Chair

D. Anne Atherton

Charity Benz

Joe Guay

Stephen O'Brien

Kitty Pochman

Robert Sarkisian

Connie Umberger