Reopening Plan Fall 2020


Dear Lighthouse School Community,


The Covid-19 pandemic has presented all of us with unprecedented challenges. Even as the public health crisis has kept us physically distant, this is a time when our commitment to nurturing a caring community is of the utmost importance. We look to the 2020-2021 school year understanding that each member of the Nantucket Lighthouse School community is in need of care and support.


We know that these months have been scary and confusing, and that our school has a really important role to play in helping all of you and your children. We are committed to doing all we can to keep us all safe, physically and emotionally, and to addressing the needs of our special school community.


We ask for all members of the Nantucket Lighthouse community to join us in the spirit of care and community responsibility as we work together to continue to help our students and children grow and learn in the healthiest ways possible. We will succeed if everyone shares responsibility for implementing this plan – school administration, faculty, students, and parents each doing their part.


The plan for reopening is based on the guidelines from the Massachusetts Department of Health and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the Harvard School of Health Guidelines, and the CDC Guidelines. With input from our Health & Safety Committee and teacher sub-committees, we have planned new structures to educate our students within Covid-19 realities.


While no school or organization can eliminate the risks of Covid-19, as you will see below we are taking many steps to mitigate the risks, including limiting the introduction of the virus into the school, managing our interaction during the day to limit exposure, and responding appropriately and quickly in the event that a positive case is identified.



NLS Health and Safety Committee

Alicia Lynn (COVID-19 Officer)

Alana Cullen | Jillian Fraker | Christine Hanson

Maryann Hedaa | Candice Tetrault | Jean Witt

Consultants Jamie Foster | Meredith Lepore | Roberto Santamaria

Click on image above to access and download our complete reopening plan.

NLS Cohort Plan