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Alum Ash Inglis

Alumni Student Testimonial

“Lighthouse School was not “school” to me – it was a place where I went to explore and create, learning heaps of academic knowledge and relational skills without even being aware that I was being taught.”

Cary Hazlegrove

Alumni Parent Testimonial

“I value the way in which a strong academic curriculum is intertwined with beauty, nature, thoughtfulness, and care for each child.”

John and Anne Kuszpa

Parent Testimonial

“We chose the Lighthouse School because the school’s philosophy aligns with our family’s values. From day one, the administration and teachers welcomed our children and met them “where they were at”. Connecting with our children at their level was clearly a priority. Our children were offered kind and thoughtful guidance when they struggled. When they excel, options and resources are offered that foster their growth. The school has instilled a solid foundation of self-worth,  respect for others, and the responsibility of being part of a nurturing community. We feel so privileged this education is available to us.”

Elliot and Sarah Sylvia

Parent Testimonial

Lily has always been curious about the world and her love of learning has been evident since she was young. She was blessed enough to come into this world with abundant confidence and a strong grasp on her wants and needs.


After her first couple of years in elementary school, we began to notice a change. The outgoing and enthusiastic girl we had always known was beginning to fade away. We met with her teacher, guidance counselor and even a child therapist to try to figure out what was happening. It was heart breaking to have her run into our arms at the end of every school day and burst into tears. For the first time in her life, she could not find the words to go with her feelings and her only option was to shutdown.


It was Lily that finally found her voice and could once again ask for what she knew she needed. She innately knew exactly the type of learning environment that would work best for her. She asked us if there was a smaller school where teacher’s really care about their students? After a long discussion about the financial strain it would put on our family, we decided that the well being of our child was most important and that we would somehow find the money to send her to a different school. We set up a visit at NLS for the following week. When we picked Lily up at the end of the day, she didn’t run into our arms crying for the first time in months. She had a smile across her face that went from ear to ear! She could not wait to tell us about her day and how much she wanted to return the next. Unfortunately, that was not possible, but we enrolled Lily for the following year and her excitement about her future education was enough to get her through the remainder of the year at her current school.


When Lily started 3rd grade the following Fall at NLS, the change was evident from day 1. Her imagination, confidence and enthusiasm for learning began to return. It was no longer a fight to get her to go to school. We could see that she felt respected and heard by her teacher and classmates and that her soul was beginning to heal.


We credit NLS for giving us our daughter back. We are forever grateful for the amazing work and mission of the school and we are missing everyone very much these days!


Barbara & Kyle Zachary

Parent Testimonial

“The project-based approach combined with an emphasis on social-emotional learning has been the most thoughtful learning experience for our daughter. It has allowed her to develop a joy for learning that goes beyond the classroom while also giving her the opportunity to learn about herself and others.”