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David Foley

Alumni Student Testimonial

“Being at Nantucket Lighthouse School is like having a really big family.”

D. Anne and Rick Atherton

Grandparent Testimonial

“Since NLS’s founding in 2000, caring, committed educators, supported by dedicated volunteers and generous donors, have been able to build a special school that today rests on a strong foundation, thanks to their collective, and unwavering, vision. Nantucket Lighthouse School is truly the little school that could. And will.”

Bob and Meg Ruley

Alumni Parent Testimonial

“Enrolling our daughters at Nantucket Lighthouse School was one of our best parenting decisions.”

Sarah Holton-Roth and Mark Lucas

Alumni Parent Testimonial

“We are so grateful to the Nantucket Lighthouse School for keeping wonder and joy at the center of childhood for all three of our children.”

Alum Ruby Fee

Alumni Student Testimonial

“When I graduated and went to my new school, I realized I was equal to or farther ahead of other students there.”