What makes Nantucket Lighthouse School Unique?

The Lighthouse curriculum is founded in developmental educational theory. It reflects the fact that children grow according to predictable patterns, physically, emotionally, morally, and cognitively. Lighthouse fosters creative thinking, initiative, and responsibility. Children learn through experience and within context. Learning is project based, and art and writing integrated throughout the curriculum. Through creative projects, assigned tasks, and imaginative problem solving, children practice and apply academic and social skills in the classroom and across the island. Each student is a valued member of the class and of the Lighthouse School community. This creates an environment in which children learn to respect themselves and others, and grow to recognize the relationship between freedom and responsibility. At Lighthouse, children are encouraged and expected to discover the confidence, creativity, and capability within themselves. Because we nurture and respect each child’s individual growth, our children openly accept differences in thought and experience and recognize their responsibility for themselves and the world around them.

The breadth of academic, social, and creative experiences we provide fosters a joy in learning while engendering social and ethical awareness in each child. Our educational program is firmly rooted in a strong sense of family and community, and respect for the unique talents, creative expression and academic accomplishment of each individual.

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